How to be a Raider

Step 1

Either join the immigrant team or buy a raider morph.

Step 2

If you do not have one acquire a weapon.

Step 3
Make your way to the border/city

Step 4
Start killing people

Step 5
Keep raiding and even form alliances. It is good to join raider groups like SER or CIS if you are serious about raiding.

Go raiders!

Am I blind or is there no step 3?

Or just be good like me?

There is a step 3. Just no picture under step 3.

It got edited now.

Oh, lol. ///////////

It was edited. I made a mistake in it.

Dang I gotta rework this raiding tutorial because no one can explain raiding like me :slight_smile:

No offense to this tutorial but I made the one in the old forums so im gonna do it again.

where are you in picture 2-4?

mando spawn. face the immi spawn(bridge) and go to the right, if ur not gar there shouldnt be a barrier and u could go to their spawn. nothing really important there, just an arms dealer and some props

Also a good choice to join is a TCS raid group, the most active of all.

nah dont be a raider, be a gar offduty raider

Forums chad don’t advertise TCS they are monkey right now.

SUPER BLASTER LOL i have seen you commenting on other people’s post saying how they have skill issues when THEY themselves only have a blaster rifle. You are so privileged to be able to steal your mom’s credit card and therefore use it to buy super blaster. Stop calling it a skill issue when you are p2w.

It was gifted to me. And before I had it I only saved money for pistols and Blaster rifles. Then when the gift came I had even more fun.

Super blaster and double jump gifted to you? Nope,

Don’t have double jump

Super blaster was tho