How to be a buckethead

Step 1. Don’t listen to divisions or Mid Rank Clones.

Step 2. RK some players. (Don’t TK though) [If you have a gun]

Step 3. Don’t post.

Step 4. Make fun of divisions or bully them.

Step 5. Have terrible grammar.

Step 6. Troll around Coruscant.

If you complete all these steps, Congratulations! You are officially a buckethead, Now get reported.

Note: This is completely just a joke, So please don’t take this seriously and don’t actually do the steps, because you might get banned or other consequences for it.


Sounds good to meㅤㅤㅤ

this looks great i think gar shoul have a handbook just like divisions so this could be written in it

This is great advice, especially for every new player!

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Thanks for telling me how to play the game.

Thanks for the advice! I’ve always wanted to be a buckethead but didn’t know how.

Nice way to get killed, lol.

I love how it is Comm. Fox saying this… Remember fives?

Permission to be a buckethead sir?