How to access damage logs!

What are ‘Damage logs’?

Damage logs are an important feature most don’t know about or use. Its great to prove law-breaking. This feature is greatly used through CG to provide proof for an arrest.

How do I access logs?

To access logs, spam ‘control’ (ctrl, 9 times is the actual amount) on your keyboard, this chat-looking feature will appear over your chat box;


Type; ‘enablespeciallogs’ into the command box and this should appear;

Press enter, if this appears you did it correctly; (if it didnt work, then you wrote something wrong, instead try enable > tab > enter)

Press control again to close the command box, then in your normal chat type ‘/console’ or f9;

If this appears then you’ve done it correctly;

Once the ‘Developer Console’ is opened, uncheck the circled boxes like so;

If you’ve been killed, type ‘Kill’ into the search box on the top right like so;

If you were damaged, then type ‘DMG’ in the search bar like so;

If there is too much clutter, type the offenders username into the box like so;

Thanks for reading, put questions and comments below!

~ MeIsC00lGuy2020
~ The_Third_Guard (Helped)

Thank you MeIsC00lGuy2020.


Just kill the person, case closed no need of logs.

Hey thanks MeIsC00lGuy2020 , this will be very usefull once i start playing again , it will help me report people in the forums :wink:
have a nice and hopefully happy day !

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I posted this early on accident lmfao. I’m gonna fix it rq and add the visuals.

The logs are useful to have extra confirmation and extra evidence that person 1 killed/damaged person 2 or something like that.


mobile verion now i angy or else