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How good are u with a sniper

When i have a sniper in my hands i am dangerous to gar cause every time i have a sniper i go for the head and that’s like a instant 1 shot. how good are u with a sniper so comment below and tell us.

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I am crp with it so I hate it, I loooooove the shotgun.

sg is trash in long range but if u have sniper its like a sg and a candy gun in one

I love the sniper, though it is useless when most of the guys that I am fighting are running around so I can’t hit them.

I recently got the sniper and I tried some good hiding places with it being the opposite side of the city where I could see the entrance to border( the blue fence near apartments) and also the bank entrance and the trooper that sells stuff to people. Also inside the border if you fly high enough like on top of the blue fence inside the border there is some space on this high tower that can be used in the city and the border to attack from.

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i am can just be across the bank and keep killing gar and the only time i die is when they have a jet pack which is unlikely.

i’m ok but i mainly shoot on the really tall buildings so no one can find where i am

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Im better than Run0008 who has called himself the coruscant sniper.

I am okay, i dont use it mainly because i dont spend much cash

Little bit good don’t have sniper gamepass

I’m not that good with the sniper tbh, I hate using snipers because of how bad my accuracy. I’m one of those players who like to use automatics, I mean like, doesn’t everyone like using automatics?