How does the public feel about the new update and roadmaps. [SURVEY]

With Vikinglaw head of the group now and new changes ahead, I think there should be a survey to see how the public feels about these new events.

Some of


To submit please put in your Username, Gar Rank and Division if you’re in one or Raider if you’re one, the topic that you’ll be writing about, if you think it good or bad and why

Please also explain if you can how an update may affect you as your rank.

Some of the updates include:

Jump packs
2x posts
Fixing more bugs and glitches
Patching literal holes in the map
Getting rid of exploits
Potential new gun animations
New LS animations
NPC reactions
New Morphs
New GUIs
Alpha game playtesting (New gameplay test)
Jetpack rework
Vehicle update
Pet rework
Bank robbery and armory robber time cut down
75 players per server
Fixed perm-shift lock on mobile
fixes scrollbar on mobile
Less p2w
an entire job system
bounties and raiding slightly reworked

There is basically just going to be a huge overhaul with everything.

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fmhpmh, Staff Sergeant Mixed raider, All of them, Good.

I think a lot of this is focused on the lower ranks of GAR and raiders. A lot of it seems beneficial to us, not very much divisions. I belive that it will get a lot of people playing with Viking rainy (and a bit of kurka) working back together again.

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keanu_lopez, Master Sergeant SER raider, everything is ok but I was looking for them to unnerf some guns, I understand gamepasses are subject to change but hopefully they look into that, and the annoying Aos system too.

I’d love to hear some responses, feel free to share y’all.

IamEdurovar, Warrant Officer, Raider, Pro, Red Guard Sovereign Protector, amazing, best formatter, winner of all awards ever, the best.

I like all the ideas. It will help improve a lot, one thing I must say is for the divisional perks idea, 7th’s perk is “higher jetpack fuel” but not all 7th’s have jetpacks, unless he meant jumppacks… which isn’t much of a perk. My second one is that RG’s perks are completely teambased when RG are guarding a person without the tag or at a patrol RG are defenseless. Some other perks are very cool like RC’s bullet blocker, but some of them are just simple and not as cool like 104th.

I am kinda sad that the divisional things will happen later in time and not very soon but I hope the wait is worth it.