Hit Me With Your Best Dad Jokes

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears I have come across a feeling of boredom. Hit me with your best dad jokes you’ve got. Do they have to be funny? No. Do they have to make sense? I mean technically no… All they have to do is be a dad joke.

Whoever has the funniest dad joke wins… Nothing! Other than a tip of the hat and a pat on the back (figuratively speaking).

Anyways, got a dad joke you’ve been holding in for years and wanna let it out? Found one or reddit or one of those stupid dad joke sites that you find hilarious? Go ahead.

Now, without a further a-do, I present to you a joke my father told me a few minutes ago;

There was a family of skunks. A mother skunk, and two sibling skunks named in and out. Now, in and out went outside to play (as children do). When the sun started to set, mother skunk called to the children, “Kids, come inside!”. But, only out came inside. Mother skunk then asked out “Can you go bring in inside?”. So out went outside and immediately brought in back inside. Mother skunk was amazed. “How did find in so quickly?” she asked. So out said “in stanked.”

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mom mom mom mOm mom-


Dad: I went all round town and couldn’t find a single shoe store.

Family: That’s too bad.

Dad: Yeah, they all wanted to sell their shoes in pairs.


me:dad im bored
dad: hello bored im dad

Dad: Does your face hurt?
My brother: No.
Dad: Cause its killing me.

What did the dad say to the plant? Make like a tree and leaf.