Hey Guys just a update for when i am coming back

I’ll being make my appeal to be unbanned on the June 21st aka my birthday for now, Let’s hope we don’t see each other ingame because it’ll be nothing left of you if we do, I am just joking anyway everyone have a lovely day and stay strong out there.

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cant wait to see you back.
-tyhhipthebest sergeant GAR

You’re a good person, Remember that for me?

i will try to remember i dont exactly have the best memory

If needed i’ll remind you.

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hope to see you in game sometime.

Well i am a raider now, I’ve been taking down full 30 player 327th patrols down by myself so maybe not :slight_smile:

dont kill me and i dont kill you. deal?

I don’t really think who i shoot at.

no intentional killing of each other.

sound fair? /// /// ///

Alright. Then deal… mate

cool. i just made a deal with a raider lol. is that treason?

Well no, i dislike raiders myself.