Help to buy a VIP server in futuretops

When I try to join a division it says that I can only buy VIP servers in the futuretops, I saw the directions on how to buy it but I did not see the option to buy the VIP server, please help i have been trying to join a division for months now.


If you can’t join VIP serves then it is probably because you are mobile player or you are using bad browser, or you are simply using Roblox application from Microsoft on PC.

To fix this problem, you have to play roblox on Google Chrome. Or in other browser which is compatible with Roblox VIP servers. Then just simply click on the link or copy and paste the link to your browser and you can join the Tryout.

I hope this helped you.

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i use microsoft roblox and its fine

I am on mobile but if I use PC I’m afraid it will not work, plus, I don’t even have a pc. I mean…I can try to use my grandparents computer or something…

youll need at least a windows 10 for roblox to run

No, you can do it in vista.

wouldnt it be horribly laggy or just lower preformance?

I mean it will be worse than 10 but not that bad.

You can’t join on mobile.

o that why i can’t play because its the application on microsoft

they will kick mobile players in the game. I think its only PC.