Hello grand army republic!

Guys @JabSider is reallly cool person he is nice yes also @Tr1pleX559 is awesome too !

I love grand army of repiblic!!! arc is best divison guys join arc :smiley:

roblox roblox

i am very epic

I love pokemon

Pikachu is my favorite

My favorite part about GAR is divisions !!! plz add BARC!!!

Biker Advanced Recon Commando guys!
That is cool idea

When is SENATE come OUT??

hello if u also love grand army of the republic you should like this message and share it with everyone you know because this message is the best one you will ever see in you’re entire life yes i know i used the wrong your before but i’m just typing for no reason now guys

pls respond dev kurka pls pls

I am friends with @Vivibe :slight_smile: :smiley: :cowboy_hat_face: :dog: :cat:

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Lmao who is this? I mean, what’s your user?


Expectations subverted. I was expecting a random 10-year-old pinging people just to do so. Hi!

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The barc and senade will be relesed with the new map in 1 month (i think)

LOL i think he is like 8 years old.

nahhhhhhhh im older than 8 bro im a ARC trooper!!!

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Hi guy that made me get banned