Having the tryouts in game more people have skill in game

Description I find it harder in combat training on future tops but in game is easier the controls are more simple and we can almost do the same stuff we would do in future tops

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Futuretops is made specifically to test combative skills. Coruscant’s combat system is outdated and will be replaced soon. Doesn’t make sence to program and repurpose the map to fit Tryouts when we have a perfectly fine tryout system already.

I have the solution, get good.


Not really a point since it’s all about your aiming skills and people would just raid them or cheat using game pass guns like the gold mini.

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I kinda get your point, an environment, controls and UI just like the game gives a perfect combat simulations.

I do agree, I made a post on it on the old forum, in the game you can’t really jump like you jump in FT and most weapons have varied dpi, but you’d need a bit more evidence to silence your critics.

This sounds like a skill issue to me. Tryouts are not that hard, I am ex 104th, CG, 327th, and 41st. Now I am a raider who just uses the skills to wipe out servers.

I never saw you raid in my servers.

Grammar moment.


Exactly. Why do we need to be able to do stuff on futuretops when most of our time is spent in coruscant?

Divisionals spend alot of time in futuretops. It is a more fair and reliable combat system and is also a system that can be easily used when interacting with other divisions or groups.

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