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Have u left gar and why?

I have left GAR 2 times and the first time i will not list but the 2nd one i will. So the 2nd time i left it was because i was a staff sergeant and i thought i would actually be shown some respect but unfortunately instead of being shown respect i was insulted an tked by my brothern and because of that i felt betrayed but now i have a raider group and now i feel respected. Tell me in the comment if u have left GAR and why? As always have a good rest of your day-skywalkerbiS ex-staf serg now Raider group leader

I got bored out of my mind in GAR. Twice. So, both times I left and I raided. Raiding was even more boring. So I went and found more star wars groups. I am coming back to GAR and enjoying it again which is good.

What do you mean? I didn’t say anything wrong. Nor did anyone else.

But he didn’t say anything wrong either?

Just nvm its to late in ca its almost 1am im not going to say anything further

Ok then. If you say so…

I leave GAR when I need a break. Mostly when I had exams.

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I have left gar just recently and I’m sure you know that my lord @skywalkerbiS

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@dtboss33jr I need your help I have 2 missing powers

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You probably TKed or something.

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I left GAR becuz its laggy, yes ik I’m playing on mobile but I know I used to spend 3 hours a day on this game but now it’s unplayable, so that’s one reason. Second reason is raid groups like SER and the newest one SFA. Third and final reason, I won’t call it bad I’d say senseless gamepasses like force alter. This is the reason why I left, but I may come back for the update and it’s the only thing that can redeem this games ratings.

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Sounds like… a skill issue

I left GAR to raid, I’m a former 187th, now, I’m one with the dark side of the force, I feel the power, everything.

I left gar due to the community and plus it was kind of boring.

I left to raid, it is very fun.

I am a former division hopper, before settling in CG Riot Company as my final division and the only division I stayed for more than 3 weeks, planned to join RC but whatever.

I only would notice in recent times, that GAR was slowly, but rapidly, essentially deteriorating my mental aspects, as I am pretty disorganised, I may have prioritised on GAR a little…too much, it’s already done it’s damage.

I won’t specify, though I fit in quite normally in a group, I have quite a lot of mentality, focus, and priority based issues, those did not help my GAR prioritisation, even if I knew it was not rightful.

I now acknowledge that with all my mental issues on the side, one like me cannot simply be an active member of a large roblox community and maintain my mental health + academics simultaneously at once, I value my life outside the screen exceedingly more than a star wars game on roblox, so I chose to leave the platform as a whole, which I have just done right before 2022. I still interact with the community via forums, but just beyond rarely.

Am I satisfied with my decision? I’d say so, but I do miss GAR, ofc but never returning.
It is quite a shame that I mostly stayed in the shadows before leaving though, rarely speaking.

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I was also a divisional, when I was kicked from CG for not being active enough I became upset. It helped me realize that my life revolved around GAR. I am now a raider and enjoy myself.

I left ages ago after I realised it was dying and boring.

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