Happy birthday Statyks!

Keeping this platonic! Good morning everyone!
I’d like to say some words about my best friend.

Prior Hicom, retired Officers, once a CO of CG, Statyks. Happy birthday! I’m so happy that I have you in my life, I remember when I first met you and when we caught up when I joined CG.

When I first heard about Statyks I thought he was a girl for a year, him and Noobarabarian were pulling my leg for the longest time about. I was actually jealous of “her”. Once I joined CG though I was sure he was a guy.

We became very close friends and I’m so grateful that he talks to me everyday. He’s a great addition to hound company and is really sarcastic all the time. This British man is one of my favorites and I’m glad he’s in CG with me. He’s very funny, nice, and respectful ( to certain people of course ) and always can smile and laugh at things.

He’s never too serious with things but also knows how to handle problems.

In voice chats with Kippen and Vyrixxa he always has something to talk about and he’s literally the definition of life of the party. Some fun facts about him, he likes Sonic, animal crossing and always is saying standard british things like “ Ay bruv “ or “ Piss off “ and it’s really fun to make fun out of him.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday, old sport.

GAR and CG love you all combined, you’re an amazing guy. I can’t wait to meet you in August.

If y’all could reply and wish him a happy birthday! @Statyks


Happy Birthday Statyks, you sounds like a cool guy!!!


I was about to deny British people saying “Ay bruv”, but looking back, I say it at least once every 5 sentences. Happy birthday statyks.