Guns should be hitscan

Considering all our trainings and tryouts use hitscan guns, it doesn’t make much sense why our guns are projectiles. This also makes high fire rate weapons, minigun even less skill requiring since you can just run somewhere far and spray hoping to land some off shots.

well this may be added in the revamp, which is planned to add a new combat system, however the projectiles I feel take more skill due to the time it takes for a projectile, leading to more skill needed to predict where your target will be when you are firing at longer ranges

That’s true. The problem I have is, this makes minigun (which is already an easy weapon) much better at these ranges where others need more skill. Also, DTs, CTs, scrims, tryouts, and any combat related event use hitscan. If we use hitscan in tryouts, hitscan should be in-game.

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I can’t tell waht your suggesting can you be more clear?

Guns in coruscant work as projectiles. They take a bit of time depending on how far you are to actually hit. This is different from guns in the games we use as training (futuretops, DTs, etc) where if your mouse is on the enemy when you click, they will get hit no matter what. You do not have to aim ahead of them. Coruscant should adopt hitscan since that’s what we use for everything else.

It ruins the feel of the fact that this is a star wars game, and it makes the game seem a lot simpler.

I mean the rifles in the game itself shoot plasma shots, which itself is like a bullet projectile. So how can it be convert to hitscan to shoot at target instantly.

An invisible ray can be used to act as hitscan, while the projectile is visible still.