Got banned from Year or 2 ago, I'm not sure but I think It was march [CLOSED]


Username: wojak158
Discord: wojak158#7381
Discord Id: 582257870104428573
Ban reason: I pinged everyone at CG discord.


I already was in many divisions in the best companies so I’m mature and I will don’t do this again. I did it becouse I didn’t know about ping isn’t allowed it was my first month with discord. I’m very sorry for this and now I want to rejoin CG to help people and make corousant safe. It’s the same appeal again but I’m not lying. It’s the thruth please give me chance I really want to join CG.

It’s truth! Trust me.

Unfortunately, there is no logs or evidence concerning the fact that you have been banned. Therefore, this appeal is invalid since we can not take further actions concerning the matter.