Globally blacklisted from all gar documents


Username: ExoticLunax
Discord: 𝖴nknown#6769


Well so I went to review the barc handbook with all the info about gar and then all of a sudden I got blacklisted so I contacted GenPhise and he told me that i must have screenshoted the handbook so I guess I must have done that without knowing. It’s very possible since I have a button on my keyboard which takes a screenshot if you press it. I checked my folder and it was a screen shot there which i deleated. I think you should unban me since it was a mistake and I didin’t meen to screenshot it.

I was viewing the BARC handbook.

Found the blacklist in the documents system and notified an appropriate officer.

Internal information:

Please review the blacklists and take an action if necessary.

385533-121592-3740 (ADMIN URL - CLICK ME)

Note: Removing users’ blacklists from those documents will unblacklist them globally.