Globally Blacklisted From All Documents

Hello, good afternoon. I recently joined the Zeus division within the 41st, and wanted to start studying for the passing tests. The Zeus Company document, along with many other documents, was not working for me at the time, the page just wouldn’t load and then reported a host error.

I really needed to see the file, so I decided to try to manipulate the link (for example moving it from discord to the browser, changing the url, among others) to see if that way I could access the document. After a few tries, the website loaded quickly, unlike the other times. But instead of opening the document, it pointed out that it was globally blacklisted.

I know that what I did is not entirely appropriate within the GAR rules, but I was very desperate and I made a mistake. I hope you understand the misunderstanding, and I look forward to the update of the GAR docs servers, and their move. Zeus Company Document, Asombroso987, 41st. It’s_Sadii #4442 (Discord username and tag)


You have been unblacklisted - appeal accepted.
You should not try to reverse engineer or attempt to gain access to the documents outside of the docs system.