Globally Blacklisted from all BARC documents


Username: Master_DogeVII
Discord: [joe]#9683

I was just viewing the CHC and pressed f12 by accident, apparently doing that blacklists you? Anyway I didn’t gain a recording or screenshot of it so Idk what happened

EDIT: I just realised it’s not all BARC documents, not just the CHC

( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? - literally nothing I just pressed f12 while viewing it and got locked out )

( What document were you viewing? - Coruscant Highway Code [CHC] )

Found the blacklist in the documents system and notified an appropriate officer.

Internal information:

Please review the blacklists and take an action if necessary.

264049-107054-3490 (ADMIN URL - CLICK ME)

Note: Removing users’ blacklists from those documents will unblacklist them globally.