Global Documents Blacklist


Username: srow12
Discord: srow12#7371


So I joined a 41st Sarlacc Company patrol. It was my first Company patrol in 41st. I found a formation difficult, so I wanted to ask how it works. I then took a screenshot because I wanted to ask. But got a Global Documents blacklist.

I was viewing the Sarlacc Company: Formation Guide document.

Extra note: I’ve had this for almost 5 months and yes I’ve really learned my lesson. I just couldn’t grow anymore. This has to go so I can continue as CG. I did everything I could to get this off; 2 appeals in the forum, 2 appeals in the RI discord server and I 'DM’ed 41st’s CO/XO. They just said, “I don’t know. Ask the one that made the document.”. I really need help, this is my last chance. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have tried everything. If anyone knows who the creator of this document is, please DM me! It is hard te start a good career.



The global document blacklist was recently wiped. If you are still blacklisted, please create another appeal.