Global Document Blacklist


Username: iceice1990
Discord: iceice1990#2775


I was viewing a 41st Elite Corps document and I accidentally hit the screenshot button when I was going to hit F 11 to turn my brightness down and I had left 41st and joined 187th and I’m still blacklisted, I thought I was only blacklisted from 41st Docs but turns out it was global, please respond to this I made a request a few weeks ago and it was left unhelped.

Couldn’t notify an appropriate officer. Global moderator will review your request soon.

Internal information:

Please review the blacklists and take an action if necessary.

320939-109619-1895 (ADMIN URL - CLICK ME)

Note: Removing users’ blacklists from those documents will unblacklist them globally.

Also yes I know this is a stupid way to get blacklisted