Global Document Blacklist appeal


Username: ( trainder134424 )
Discord: ( trainder134424#3193 )


So I was looking in a classified document restricted to a company. I won’t say what division or what company, just to prevent any possible leaking. I was just going to ask another member of the company about a statement in the document that I didn’t understand. Without thinking, I took a quick screenshot and sent it to him and asked what that statement was supposed to mean. He had access to this document as well, so there was no leaking provided. However I forgot that taking screenshots in a classified document will get you blacklisted. If you need more proof or evidence regarding this, just DM me and I will explain. I will never do this again, as I am a person who learns from my mistakes.


You have been unblacklisted - appeal accepted.
You should be careful not to screenshot or share the documents you view - they are only for your reading. You should also be careful what you press when you have a private document open.