Global Blacklkst Appeal | Vaklordian


Username: Vaklordian
Discord: Vaklordian#6666

I had just joined the Red Guards and was going through the documents like every other person would. Normally I take notes of documents to save time & help my understanding of the information. But at the time it was late and my notepad was just not working so I decided to take a screenshot or the information so I could look back later. I was not aware that taking a screenshot would result to this.

( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? ) Right before I was blacklisted I had just joined the Red Guards and looked at the documents like everyone else is supposed to do but my notepad wasn’t working.
( What document were you viewing? ) The Red Guard document.


You have been unblacklisted - appeal accepted.
You should be careful not to screenshot or share the documents you view - they are only for your reading. You should also be careful what you press when you have a private document open.