Global blacklist from documents


Username: Pluto_Tenzin
Discord: tenzin#3256

I was blacklisted 2-3 days ago, and i looked in the CG hand cuff guide to see if i was still blacklisted, all of a sudden i was able to get into the docs and wasn’t blacklisted again, i didn’t believe it so i clicked another one, and then it asked for my discord authorization I clicked allow i was blacklisted again, im not sure if i was ever unblacklisted and this just happened to let me in for no reason but not sure.

I was just looking at the documents when i clicked one to see if i wasnt blacklisted still and then it let me in and then i clicked another document and it asked for my discord auth witch i accepted and was blacklisted straight away. (I think its because i clicked a document that isnt ment for me seeing im not in CG)

I was viewing, First Cuffs and shock pyke guide for CG Thats the one that let me in, Second one that blacklisted me was, CG Formations guide.


You have been unblacklisted - appeal accepted.
You should be careful not to screenshot or share the documents you view - they are only for your reading. You should also be careful what you press when you have a private document open.