Global blacklist appeal


Username: boogernosefarty
Discord: Inferno#9069


I was in the 187th division, I was looking at the handbook of the division. Someone with the username of skywalkerbiS. He invited me to a “classified” server, with “classified” information. I believe I have only one screenshot which I sent to Nostik but wasn’t enough evidence for the user to be punished. skywalkerbiS and his friend pressured me to send him documents which I eventually did because I felt peer pressure.

I am truly sorry for leaking information, I knew it was wrong. I just really care of what people thought of me, I was trying to be a good friend. I promise you that it would never happen again, I understand if you won’t appeal me. Please give me one more chance.


This area is for global document blacklists.
You are not globally blacklisted on the document system.