Global Blacklist Appeal | yolertuz


Username: yolertuz
Discord: Olibest007#2937


I was looking at a classified document that just some people has access too for something related to my divisional company. When this thing finished, I had to DM one of these people that has access to the document and needed to talk about one thing of it. So I SS’ed this tiny part of the document to show this person with access because the document is big and I didn’t want to start giving explanations on where was it, and right after that I got blacklisted. I know it is stupid, because in 5 months looking at this same document I never had that idea, and I forgot that screenshoting a documents leds to a global blacklist.
I can’t say more because the document is classified, so if need any proofs DM me and I will show the conversation, I don’t normally look at the document because I memorised it, but to show this I needed to open it so my mistake.
Hope I can get unblacklisted and as I said, if need any proof DM Olibest007#2937 on discord.

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Try now. Let me know if its fixed or not.


This section is for global document blacklists.
If you want to regain access to a specific document again, you should contact the document owner.