Give top 3 or 1 weekly/monthly msot active players some kind of reward(class of their choice maybe)

well, i think an event where top 3 or top 1 most active weeklyy or montly players getting a reward would be a nice adittion to the game, giveways happend daily on random bases in GAR discord anyway. i think it would be a good decision to give GARs most deducated members a reward that would improve their expiriance and encourage others to stay active in game. this weekly event could have some rules like :

  1. you must be in GAR discord
  2. getting caught beeing AFK will get you bblacklisted from future events like this ( and normal AFK punishment)
    winners could be anounced every monday or at the end of the month (they can be tracked from bot in GAR already)
    this type of event would encourage many F2P players to be way more active and seek something other than power from playing long hours every day and would ensure rewards to GARs most deducated players.