Give power faster when people are standing on posts

Disclamer: this is totaly coppied from other games.
Alright, so. i think everyone below sergeants could agree that standing on a white line all day to farm power is boring, useless and it gives nothing aswell so it is frustrating aswell that you just stand in there for no reason when you can free roam in the city and have fun. well, making it so that timer passes 1.5x faster when you stand on a post would fix this problem as it would give troopers and cadets a reason to post more offten and not have to be jailed by CG personal for not standing on a white line for 3 hours.

timer shouldn’t really go faster when on a post, would let divisionals with a time ingame quota be able to like do less of their quota but still meet it

Of course, and also the control booth. It looks like TGE Vikinglaw.