Give Divisional HICOM Cuffs

Give Divisional Officers/ Company Commanders Cuffs.
This would help us out tremendously with controlling raiders.
If you can trust CG Guardsmen with cuff then you can trust divisional HICOM.
I know many Divisional HICOM want this so please consider adding it.
Thank you for your time.

Good idea but there is one HiCOM called “Damnn” and he would abuse this. I do not trust him.

I think CC+ is a stretch. However, giving it to SXO+ would be a life saver as there is a much less of a chance for abuse.

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I know people who got CC after a month or a few weeks. I agree that it should be ranks above CC.

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This Is more of a 50/50 thing here any of those HICOM can start mass cuff abusing at any time same as CG so cuff abuse cases will happen and how many of them have had cuffs training only the ones that are former CG or Gar Officers.

I wouldn’t say this is a “50/50 thing”. Most divisional HICOM have worked for on average a year for their position. And the amount of dedication most of them have is probably going to make it less of a chance than 40%, no doubt about it.

Ya, but guardsmen can get it in less than a week.

Yes because they passed a tryout specifically to help enforce the law in Coruscant. However, the cuffs that would be given to divisional Officers wouldn’t do that at all, and the way it would just be used to move people away from their events.

divisions dont need cuffs, especially combative ones

Of course they don’t need cuffs, however it would be very essential.

Horrible idea, example, UAVisOffline, former RC Director, and cuffing raiders is just a no.

I wouldn’t say it’s a horrible idea. Anyway, I’ve never seen UAV cuff any raiders, and if he did, he would have most likely served his time, as this was one of the reasons a former RG LC, Phoenixbonds got banned. Honestly the cuffs aren’t needed at all. It can come with benefits as well as risks that could affect the reputation of the group as a whole.

I think that company chiefs of divisions, officers, CCs, and higher in a division can be trusted. IF someone has a good position, why lose it in such a stupid way?

Even CG abuse cuffs.

No, CG do not abuse cuffs. Whoever joins Coruscant Guard and thinks it is okay to abuse their tools is not a member of CG, and hopefully will never be one. I personally learned this the hard way when I stupidly thought it was funny (Which it was not at all) to cuff a whole entire Coruscant server.

The goal is to have the least amount of people abusing cuffs, while making it necessary for them to have it. So making the argument of “Even CG abuse cuffs” would defeat the whole point of having cuffs in the first place.

Not all divisional CC+ know the rules, and how to correctly use the cuffs, they also have no reason to have cuffs.

The reason why CG has cuffs is purely the fact that they had strict training over it. You can say RG should have cuffs like they do in TSU, but they only have it because they go through training. Even if theyre a CC+, it doesn’t change the fact of being uneducated.