Gift gamepass system

I need gift gamepass system I want to buy gamepass in bulk for my best friend. I have enough Robux in me. So I want to use it all. You should do it because it will give you more robux.

Rainylofi has mentioned that it has been put onto consideration. Although, it is not 100% guarantee, though.


Why not give the friend robux instead?

That is against roblox tos to transfer robux to friends

You buy a gift card is give it to a friend.

is it not allowed to use group funds?

i don’t know how to do I might try to figure it out.

Yeah it is very ban able

how are they gonna know you used the group funds to pay a friend, they could just say they were paying for work or something

I think thats cap, you can just buy a donation shirt from them anyway._.

Still giving robux to people in ban able and against roblox tos

I’m pretty sure it isn’t, buying someones shirt is giving them robux, that is not against TOS, using group funds to pay someone who supported you is a feature, so I’m pretty sure that isn’t against TOS, and lastly, you could just give them a gift card code.

no the group funds aren’t meant to be given to people thats why it is against tos it is mostly for developers to get paied

roblox shouldn’t control what we do with robux we paid for

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devs are literally people lol, you can give someone robux if they’re a dev, just say they’re a dev and give them robux lol

That’d be awesome for giveaways!

You are so goofy, it isn’t actually against TOS.

i am not lying about this you just gotta get your facts straight

Where tf did you get that information from?

cap, then developing aint gonna do sh*t, because you get paid roblox