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i get detention, for 2 days. Tell me about a time you got a detention. this is actually my first one. i think.

Some guy got mad that I hurt him the other day because we were messing around, I kicked his finger and somehow it was hard for him to move it. So then two days later his friend asked why he wasn’t at Tae Kwan do and then he said because he couldn’t punch because of me, he then went at me—starting to push me forward and bumping into me. He slammed me a couple of times and then went to a locker. I was carrying my Chromebook in my hand because I didn’t feel like getting my drawstring bag outta my locker because we had state testing and we weren’t really allowed to have particular stuff out bla bla, it fell. Didn’t break but yeah. Then some teacher whose last name is literally Stoner saw it happen and dragged us to the principal’s office like we’re 8 years old or something. She came out of nowhere. I’m pretty sure I might’ve punched the guy later but she sorta stopped me, I wasn’t doing it but I might’ve. We’re over the thing now but still got detention for another day. Everything I had been doing was for self-defence anyway. I bumped back into him intentionally out of pure frustration. Keep in mind I was just trying to push myself away and that only, via bumping into him but he kept going at me, the hallways were crowded. He forced me to bump into several other students. I’m still kind of mad.

Side note------

I had a band concert tonight and well my mom seemed to, or not, idk, forget about the fact that I was literally in a fight and got detention for 2 days because she brought me to taco bell afterwards and that was my 2nd dinner. My first was a breakfast quesadilla that I’d made. I didn’t have time to even cook it all the way so it was mehish. Might add it to casas kitchen without casabowies will if I can get it better.

Oof, that sucks man. I currently have never been in detention :slight_smile:

You play in band too? What instrument?

percussion, snare, concert bass drum :sunglasses: . Drum kit, soon.

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noice :sunglasses:

I play the trumpet :trumpet:

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same i used to play the trumpet


I play the trombone I am certified better than you

Cap. Cap. I am best.

no i am the best. you are noob

I am so good that your mom doesn’t scream when I play trumpet.

im so good im in every concert every where

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I am so good I am the concert.

No way! I used to play the trumpet but during COVID it became too much of a hassle to keep up with and all of my family that were getting sick at that time

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No it was just a weekly status check still not back

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I live in the UK and we have a very different detention system. My school has a C code system, ranging from C1 to C12, C1 being a verbal warning, and C12 being a permenant expulsion. C2-C4 are detentions. Ive gotten about 50 detentions across my time at the school, yet I’m still a top performer in almost every subject. Behaviour and intelligence are not linked, remember that.


spoken like a true delinquent