Get to know your fellow forum members!

Fresh start for everyone, clean slate let’s welcome new members and old members to the forums.
Let’s start with some Ice-breakers and get to know you questions, here’s a template!

○ What’s your name and your rank in GAR? (Divisional or not)
○ Why’d you join GAR or become a raider?
○ Who are some of your friends here?
○ What’s your favorite Star Wars Episode?
○ A fun fact about you!

I’ll go first.

Hello! My name is Ruth, I’m a Warrant officer currently and I’m in CG in the company Hound. Woof!

I first joined GAR from an invitation from the ex-Marshall Commander StarXeraya (asteryixz) in March 2020 and met people like Zadriar, Justin, and Wzol. I didn’t join a division till a month ago! Some of my friends here are most of the officers and hound company members. Honorable mention, Statyks.

My favorite Star Wars episode is Episode III Revenge of the Sith, its hard to believe that it was released in 2005! I love Padme in it, she’s one of my favorite characters other than the Droideka’s and Anakin.

One fun fact about me is that I love to draw and make new friends, I hope you find it pleasant here and I can’t wait to get to know you all! <3


My username is bramborak567 and rank is wo and i’m in 501st
I joined gar cuz i wanted to try the game
Mei is kinda my friend
Episode 5
I’m learning programming(Python)


My accounts are gone?


My username is ZeroArtemis, I don’t play GAR anymore.

I joined because I liked Star Wars. I never focused on GAR though.

MeIs, Qwerty, Keanu, some others.

Gotta be either III or VI. ROTJ is better than ESB imo, and III is just the best.


Hello, I don’t watch star wars


Then why are you here…?

  • Warant Officer, 327th Star Corps, Bacta Company.

  • Joined cause I ease dropped and watched Flamingo’s video on the game. Made an account and tried Roblox after that. Began some raiding after I was bored, joined a division a few months after.

  • @Keanu_Lopez, Qwerty, @Shay_2, and some more are my forum friends.

  • Last few CW episodes were amazing, but I love the Umbara arc. Favorites trilogy episode is 5, “The Empire Strikes Back”.

  • I love Star Wars (Big surprise), and I’m really active. I made a few friends here and just earned trust level 3!


I’m DembIIe, and I want all of your money!


I cant make a new post for some reason, why is that happening?


My name is Inferno.

I’m a raider in GAR because yes.

Some of my friends are @MeIsC00lGuy2020 @milo_creator Qwerty and The_Third_Guard.

My favorite Star Wars episode is 2…

Jk, my real favorite Star Wars episode is either 4 or 6.

And I don’t really have a fun fact about me.


You forgot about me!!


I thought your account was deleted!!!


Lol. Haha, why are some account deleted and some not?


Idk, got mine deleted lol.


How do you already have trust 3? They are only letting me make 3 posts every 3 hours…


Lmao that’s a hicom #20CHARACTERS


-snabsnik09, Sergeant major.

-I started to see a series of borders of a YT and the video that I liked the most of the series was of star wars coruscant, so I decided to join and that’s how I got to gar.

-I’m not interested in having friends, I only have 1 who plays star wars but doesn’t use the forum.

-I love movies and I would say that revenge of the sith is my favorite star wars movie.

-I speak Spanish and I’m qualifying for moderator of the game “SCP RP”, although I don’t know if I’ll pass, even so I’ll do every application that there is until I’m one, since it’s a dream.


I’m JaguarEmpathy; a warrant officer (silver crescent holder) and CG senior shock trooper.

I joined GAR because one day I was looking for games on Roblox. I liked Star Wars and knew about Coruscant so I thought I’d check it out. I saw a divisional patrol pass by outside the border and I legitimately thought that they were bots, not real people. I remember thinking it would be cool if I could do that. So I asked around a little and when someone eventually bothered to answer,I joined GAR and started trying to get to a high enough rank to join 327th, which eventually I did. Fun fact: I joined 327th purely because Star Corps sounded cool.
After being in 327th for a few weeks I discharged to look around other divisions.
To this day, over 8 months later, I still remember my favourite officer, the one helped every single person to join a Platoon. OperativeDukey. I have 4 of his Dukey Cookies somewhere.
A bit after discharging from 327th, I set my sights firmly on CG. They always looked cool and I wanted to bully cadets so I thought I’d try to join. On my fourth tryout I finally passed and joined CG. I remained a Guardsman for a while before I decided to join Shock. I could tell they were elite. At the time of me joining Shock, we were undoubtedly the best.
First I went to a tryout where I unfortunately failed in questions but then tried again in an SOE. This time I was in shock for the first time through AlphaEmpathy’s SOE.
Time passed until eventually something terrible happened in CG. This is unfortunately classified but it forced me to discharge.
I went and joined 91st, getting my driver’s license quickly. I was only there for a week because it was getting boring.
I decided to rejoin CG where my heart truly was and I’ve been there ever since. Thanks to my past service in shock, I was quickly handpicked and after a few months of service I achieved the ranks of both Senior Instructor and Senior Shock Trooper.

I know you weren’t asking for my entire life story but frankly I don’t care.

My friends here? BravoEmpathy, CuzImAqua, AlphaEmpathy, GammaEmpathy, zackary6199, CuzImAqua, literally half of shock, and a lot of CG.
And a few OGs from shock:
Newsuperalbin who joined shock in the same SOE as me and Lali who was a great friend to me during a difficult time.
I probably missed a bunch of people so don’t be annoying if you’re not in there.

My favourite star wars episode is going to have to episode 2; attack of the clones for obvious reasons.


Lol, that sucks. How’d you get it back? Or did you make a new one? And I think my old was deleted it. I made a new one :frowning:


You forgot to mention me :frowning_face: