General channels of different languages in GAR discord


GAR is an English-speaking community in its entirety, and all the events that take place on the server are in English, but it would not be bad to implement general channels to speak other languages, the most predominant ones, mainly Spanish, which is surely the most popular language. spoken after English on the server, these channels could be of help to many people with translations, explanations of any topic, or a greater comfort to communicate on the server, and although surely there are no people who can moderate these channels, they will be found easily. (this can even bring more people to the game)

Note: I suggest this in order to open spaces to other communities outside the main one, but any other idea for this would be welcome.

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imagine not knowing english ez

I feel like it’s just better to have english channels, spanish ones may lead to complaints about things like events or tryouts being english only. Also an entire new mod team that is fluent in spanish may be an issue as there may not be enough people who speak both english and spanish fluently, are in the discord server, and are qualified for it.

I understand the language barrier issue that causes division and that prettiful much making harder for people who are not fluent in English. As a Spanish person who had to learn English in school, I personally understand the struggle.

But, at the same time is also a bit hard to enforce the rules. Google Translate isn’t the best for languages such as Arabic, Russian, etc. This may also cause double work for moderators to constantly check another language in case. Also, the filter would have to be extended to all languages which would be too hard to do so and painful for the staff team. There may be several people who speak both well, but very few are actually qualified as @Max1239 said.

This would also be harder to translate in events/tryouts. If ROBLOX and/or Discord has an option to translate them in-game and the platform, this could be considered very well. But, as of now: this isn’t possible and will be limited for now.

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HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.

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