GAR should make some merch

I think it’d be cool for the devs to release some merch as a way to fund the game that’s more accessible to more people. Some games have been releasing merch for the avatar shop in the form of hats, backpacks, accessories etc. Considering there isn’t really any star wars themed stuff in the shop, I’d imagine there’d be a massive market for it.

No… Thats would be… Cringe…

Who would buy it?

I think thats getting to like breaking copyright laws. Star Wars is NOT rainy’s property, im pretty sure he cant make star wars avatar items due to this

It’s… star wars merch?

That’s true, but I’m sure you could bypass it the same way people have bypassed superheroes, anime items, and various other properties. They don’t have to be exact, just enough to get the idea across.

It can still be bannable.

Also Star Wars isn’t just GAR’s thing. Btw if you want to support GAR you can buy passes or power.

I know it’s not. But, they could create avatar items and they’d be the first to create star wars themed stuff. And tbh it isn’t about supporting GAR, it’s more about wanting star wars items. The point was, creating shop items would allow GAR to profit from people who don’t even play the game, and they’d be cheaper so more people would be able to contribute as well.

Ok but, star wars is COPYRIGHTED. If GAR made merch of it the merch would probably be pulled from the UGC store and rainy could be punished

I said it for the other comment: There is plenty of merch BASED on copyrighted properties. I’ve seen jojo, naruto, batman, DOOM (nearly exact), various DC superheroes, etc. Even so… It doesn’t have to be exact. It could be similar enough to get the idea across, or just draw inspiration. Star wars has a very unique aesthetic, but a doubt a very stylized pistol with a scope is something they have sole claim over.


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