GAR Prom Royalty Elections

Cute little Idea I came up with while applying for Community Team ( forgot im on the tournament team so alas I gotta wait till I decide to leave that to join the Community team.

Imagine we had Prom King and Queen Elections for GAR, (doesn’t have to be gender specific)
It’s just a fun little idea relating to the concurrent Prom Season.

Like just imagine having Joroke be King and some random cadet be queen. I’d love to see how it would paly out if it were to ever happen, hopefully hosted by me in the near future if I decide to apply for Community team again.

Anyone could participate but people who are more well known in the community can only be elected. We wouldn’t have a prom, no. Just the fancy old elections and it’ll be nice to have gar vote on something again and see who’s basically the most rooted for!


Me and Keanu would win ez

Milo and I no problem ez win

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It’s almost like this was copied

I feel i could go well with third, sid, keanu, bob, me is. Maybe someone else. But me and mi siddy :heart_eyes_cat:

Me? What about your favorite forcefeeder?

TRUEEE… i forgot about casa as well… shame on me. I’d say yes. Still tryna encourage patience and faith, in fact anyone in broskie cult who wants to be with me in prom (obviously bc I’m the best) change ur pfp heheejfrwih gefj

you cheat on meee???

no siddy widdy :((((((

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don’t worry siddy, I am here if milo leaves u

Says the person who tries to get me to cheat >:0

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no you and @The_Third_Guard or @Shay HEH

I identify as Pug am I allowed to enter?

Nah nah nah, me and NJC

Me plz join me plz omg plz

from who? the forumy awards? this is for a community event lmao

:eyes: a pug?! oh my
how cute

(They post gore nsfw and cp u dont wanna talk to them man)