GAR is too op plz nerf i cant kill a single divisional with a forcefield

I only own a blaster rifle gamepass. I couldn’t kill a red guard with a forcefield because the red guard was too op. 327th was hard to kill because they owned a white lightsaber. 41st was like impossible for me to kill because it had a forcefield and a heal gun. The game is unplayable now. I dont know what to do :frowning:

Just wait for the arm dealer to rereleased, then you can buy better weapon and kill us gar. Or trying to allied with other raider to fight us. If you going to cause chaos, you going need an army of raiders to do so.

This is a skill issue. I started out as a raider with only a pistol and still killed many of GAR. Then I got mando pass, then Super Blaster, then lightsabers. Now it is so ez to kill GAR

We are a military, we are suppose to be un-raidable. Plus, the best way to kill a 41st, or any division, is to not fight them at all. AKA, cause a distraction, or play the innocent role.

Divisions are far from unraidable. This military’s skill is sad.This is just a skill issue.

I’ve killed loads of RG seems more like a skill issue

When did you start?


ever thought of the game is p2w?

Dude I only own a blaster rifle gamepass

If you only owned a blaster rifle gamepass you would understand. But most of you guys dropped 18k on the game and win by an unfair super significant advantage in combat.

You cannot expect me to kill a GAR divisional who isn’t even p2w in the game and then just own a forcefield and a super blaster.

It’s not a skill issue when you own every gamepass and then win just for having a super significant advantage in combat.

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Then try and raid with other people as well. A 10v1 is just impossible.

Exact what Demblle said. Just allied yourself with other raiders in game and raid us.

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10v1 for what reason? Just to get jailed?

You have 1 blaster and call GAR OP and RG known for guarding high ranks and you mad they don’t die to a common blaster?