Gar discord unban

Username: ( Minecraftmcpecraft)
Discord: ( Cookies )
Discord Id: ( #4308 )
Ban reason: ( N word)


( I am not a racist person andf yes I put the N word ) We where at school and we where doing a essay presentation and I had my friend borrow my Ipad, I went to the restroom and he opened up discord and he told me he put the N word in a random chat and I didn’t worrry to much about it and suddenly I was seeing from GAR discord replies and i opened it up and I saw that I was banned and I wanted to know why I was banned and I remembered that my friend put the N word in the GAR discord and I freaked out because I was going to lose all that progress because of my friend and I panic, after school I spoke with a 327th friend and with 327th HICOM to see what i could do and they told me I needed to appeal here. So I am Appealing so I can be unban


This is in the wrong section.