GAR Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( Rusell7281 )
Discord: ( Rusell7281#8885 )
Discord Id: ( 789561034246979665)
Ban reason: ( Advertising )


( Well, I sent a discord server link by accident and that server does robux/nitros giveaways and well I was just testing on those types of servers that may or may not actually scam their members and well I checked it out and decided invite a friend who speaks Spanish and by the way I actually speak Spanish too and I can speak English whenever I want, and I clicked on a wrong person who was a member of 327th by accident because I wanted to just invite my Spanish friend because I did not want to invite other GAR members or my division members so as not to want to stay out of serious trouble but it was too late, they banned me from the community permanently, as I had said at the beginning I can only get into those servers if they are Spanish or English in case I am interested or not so that I can invite my Spanish friends so that if they can check and see what it really is, being honest for this mistake I have made, I will have to have a little more than cu given to the people that I am inviting because if I am a moderator or an officer or an officer of my division, I will probably end up in this type of thing, so I want to apologize for this for this mistake that I have done and I hope that you can unban me and come back again in the community and to be careful not to make any kind of mistake. Thank you. )



Your lying, you bullied me 5 years ago in Jailbreak.