GAR Discord Ban Appeal [CLOSED]

Username: ( cqdmx )
Discord: ( cqdmx ツ#2286)
Discord Id: ( 665388760619548693 )
Ban reason: ( Mass Pinging )
Obviously, the reason why I was banned was extremely valid considering what I did wasn’t a very good choice. I truly do apologize for what I did; my immaturity and all the disrespect I put out there, we all really do make mistakes we regret and as you can tell I truly regret the past decisions I’ve made. Hopefully, you can take this apology into consideration as I truly am sorry, and you can count on me you will never have problems with me again. I built strong relationships within the GAR community that will never be forgettable and will always stay in my heart. I created really good careers within GAR as I finally became Alpha Leader as ARC HICOM. I built trust and I broke it in a very immature way which I truly apologize for. I’ve been in GAR for such a long time, almost since the beginning. Hopefully, if I do get unbanned I will prove to those who disbelieve me what a mature 16 y/o I am.

So the rules were there for you to read, yet you fail to follow them. By failing to follow the rules, you have brought these consequences onto yourself. Actions have consequences, and this is one of them. Your appeal is denied due to blatantly disregarding the rules, and pinging everyone for your own entertainment.