GAR/discord ban appeal (banned in 7th too) [CLOSED]


Username: ( Ax3L )
Discord: ( #2369 )
Discord Id: ( 520673898828922881)
Ban reason: (Playing a racist song in VC )


Hi, first of all I would say sorry to Wzol and owoKingg for the bad thing that I did.
I was tired and I was not thinking well so I played “I hate black people” in VC where there was owoKingg.
I’ve played this game for 6 months and I spent good times in 7th sky corps, and I love this communty, I feel comfortable in it. But for my bad english so many times I dont understand all from it.
Im sincerely so sorry for all and I would get unbanned and dont do anything dumb anymore cuose I really love this community.
Im so dumb sometimes that I would hurt me so much.

I apologize for all I did and I will do anything to repay my actions.
I would get a second chance.
Hope someone will see this.

Ps: Im not racist, It was a dumb joke and Im not proud of that.

Unfortunately, actions have consequences. The rules were there for you to read, yet you disregarded it and played inappropriate and racist songs. Your appeal will be denied due to failing to follow the rules, and had you followed the rules, you would not have been banned in the first place.