Funny / Annoying / Weird Death Bug


So, I joined, blah blah blah and killed a Cadet since he was not listening, and his dead body wouldn’t disappear and despawn and she KEPT TALKING she stayed like that for about 5 or 6 minutes until she left, this happened with a few people at the immigrant spawn bridge and I died for a spawn killing Trooper, the reason this keeps happening is because people are killing with the shotgun, its only when people get killed by a shotgun they get stuck. You should fix this bug soon as it gets annoying fast.


I think this is quite an old glitch, I’ve seen this a few times before quite a while back where players have the same problem as shown in the images. Personally, I find it quite funny; but realistically it should be patched.

I do note two things that are different from the last time I saw this happen. One was that it would happen with any weapon, whereas now it seems to be exclusive to shotgun deaths (does this include candy shotgun?) and that the duration of the glitch happening is significantly longer then what it was before. Before, it’s duration was between 10-30 seconds on average.

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Now it basically lasts Forever, they do not go to the spawn menu, to fix it they have to leave the game if the glitch happens, I’m not sure if this also happens with the candy shotgun yet.

Do you still experience that issue?

Not anymore, this was like 2 months ago.