Force Fields for ARC


Now I am not interested in ARC having shields, since I am no ARC. Here is my point: If a raider knows what a ARC is, the best combat (sub)division, then they will target the ARC first with light sabers, which isn’t so fun for the ARC and they can’t really use their skills if they get insta killed by a suprise attack from a raider, so if they would get a shield like 41st, RG and RC, it might help with that. I am talking that they should get a shield in their ARC and their (normal)division morph, it could help them not get insta killed first by a suprise attack and fight back. Btw I am making this suggestion since a ARC pointed it out in my division and I thought making this suggestion would be useful, I hope this will be considered before or after the map update.
Thank you for reading this and let me know what you think.

Like many other people, I would have instantly disagreed with this because it is a suggestion about giving divisions free forcefields. But for a division that is more inactive ingame than the Republic Intelligence, this isn’t the worst idea ever.

ARC’s are so good they are near impossible for the mass to defeat without some OP gamepass. So giving them what bassicly is 2x health isn’t a great idea, even with the low member count, it shouldn’t happen as it would be way too much of a buff.

Maybe you didn’t read what I said, but they are the first target to raiders when they attack, they are very good and that is why they are a target that raiders go for first, I mean what will you do if some raider drops from the sky with jetpack and just insta kills them with sabers. Isn’t fun dying over and over as the first target.

Then fight back?? That’s the point of the division.

What??? This happens to every division. Doesn’t mean we all need sheilds. Not an ARC specific issue.

Golden Minigun? Fire at them? What else??

Same with all divisional patrols, but we aren’t begging for an unnessisary buffs.

You just have skill issues

you cant get insta killed in game, only my force destroy and double sabers, which guess what? they are weapons that force fields dont work against

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Just no.


I mean, you said it yourself. ARC are meant to be the best. I would hope they could fight raiders without a force field. I feel like RC is a bit different. Apparently you can get into RC for pocketing really well. Which makes sense cause RC is meant to be best when there’s two or more of them. But yeah.

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Maybe that’s a good idea, but ARCs are really hard to defeat. With a shield , they would be immortal.

i can only see stupid shi* writen in this post.

man just shut it, no division deserves any force fields, those with them are already impossible to kill. no one wants more divisions with that.