For new map, add an elevator at hotel (its too tall)

I was checking out the new map, and it’s great. My biggest issue is the fact that the hotel takes a hike to get to the top. I think people without jetpack should be able to climb the floors fast.

It sounds like you were in the testing place, that map was scrapped for being too big. The current map is not accessible besides beta testers to my knowledge.

the current wip map hasnt been released for public testing yet, but in due case the new map does feature a hotel much like the one on the scrapped new map, gotta agree with this

As of now, not everything seen in the development channel is guaranteed to be added as some may be scrapped, but the apartments (hotel) are a thing that will be added for sure.

I have not been able to see much of the new map since the last time. But, not sure which map you mean. If you mean the old map made by VK, that one is not being used.

Not sure if you have access to such a map yet, but can you send me a link? But, can agree to such a suggestion.