Fix Force Choke

I decided to buy Force choke as a gamepass and when I tried using it for the first time I instantly regret it I dont have this issue with other force powers but when I use force choke I cant even use it because the victim I am choking would pull out a shotgun and kill me instantly which is a bit unfair and also I cant move at all either because it makes me stand still while in use.
My idea is a small fix to the force choke to where if you use it you are able to still walk around and move while using the tool. My second idea is so that when I force choke someone they cant just pull out a weapon and kill me with a shotgun or other blaster because that isnt realistic in Star Wars instead they should hide the victim’s inventory and show the victim being choked because now when I use the tool I cant move when choking and they can kill me before I do any damage to them and the force choke gamepass cost around 35 USD for people who buy robux, can be a lot to people.
Please consider this fix to Force Choke gamepass as it costs a fortune.

You bought it to raid, and now you see the consequences of using it to kill people. If you werent doing anything then you wouldnt have died. Also you cannot get any refunds from purchases.

I bought it to fight off against raiders actually and it shouldn’t have these disadvantages. It doesn’t make sense to lore to be able to shoot while being choked or not being able to move while using a force power especially for being the second most expensive item even shotgun blaster is better which is cheaper



You’re saying people should have unlimited health and spam force powers just to not get killed?

This games force powers arent related to lore, its a gamepass.

People paid a lot of money for it and it should be worth more than a shotgun because force choke users get instantly shot after using it on a raider or gar member

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And how does that relate to the arguement?

It does relate to my suggestion and my point on why choke force needs this fix

Its already worth more than a shotgun?

Then avoid shotgun users.

It isnt just shotgun its anyone with a Blaster than can just shoot me since I am standing still open for them to hit Before I am able to even take a fraction of their health so its still worse than almost anything else.

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Then hide somewhere and do it, idk.

Bruh if you spend like 20 buck on a game, then you should expect to receive quality items

No officer or anybody with a brain would say that raiding is bad so-


It is flawed, but theres not really much of a fix for it unless you’re going to be godded for 20 seconds choking someone to death without them being able to defend themselfs

So you’re logic is, if you buy a gamepass designed for killing, don’t kill with it? Smh

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The logic is that if you are going to raid or attack people you can get killed. You shouldnt be “godded” when using something.

Yes however with force choke, it’s pretty much impossible to deal damage when they can literally one shot you.

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It is flawed, but theres not really much of a fix for it unless you’re going to be godded for 20 seconds choking someone to death without them being able to defend themselfs

Yeah you are right. There needs to be some solution though. Perhaps like you have more health or something idk. Or as the guy above said you should be able to walk and the person being chokes shouldn’t be able to shoot.

I think you should be able to die but they will always die anyway.

i hate it i buy me the choke force but if i use it a guy kill me then instend with shotgun u dont have a chance to kill him with the force

Force choke costs more robux than shotgun so it should be more powerfull and don’t let the choked user open up inventory.

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