Fix Bank robbery teleportation for GAR. (Suggestion)


I was kicked for TK because of bank. Someone robbed the bank and so I bunch of us went to bank to stop the robbery, as soon as we ended I clicked my TWO SABER. Then we all get TP’d out of bank, leading to my attack meant for the robber, going towards teammates teleporting outside bank with me. I just wish there was a system that removes TK for about 3 seconds after bank robbery is over. Like as soon as the teleportation happens.

( Detailed description of the suggestion / feedback )
Remove TK warnings for around 2-3 seconds after bank robbery is done (TP all GAR outside bank)


I agree with this. It’s pretty annoying that GAR/divisionals shoot me whenever the bank is finished, offcourse they don’t mean to but we still get damaged and it’s pretty annoying. I vouch for this

should be a TK disable button (disables it for u, others can still harm u)

The anti tk button should be part of setting where you can disable certain options.