False Teamkill Ban, I Would like my Stolen 3 Power Back ASAP


Username: ( Riverblocksnew )
Ban reason: ( Teamkill )


Hi is it possible to get my power back, I spent a majority of my day nonstop playing the corosount guard game, just to get power, I was in a booth and A Corporal kept opening the doors to immigrants to escape so I killed him, then he did it again and I already had 1 from crossfire so I got banned for 2 hours and lost all the power I gained that day. When I rejoined I was horrified to see that I had lost the power I spent all day getting, I couldn’t find anyonr to help me in-game so I hope someone Can help me with my situation
( Describe why you think we should unban you and why did you abuse )
I didn’t abuse at all and I was doing my job, I killed The Corporal because he was opening all the doors and letting people out instead of doing his job, and since I was handeling someone at the time in the booth I was way past annoyed when the Immigrant escaped, as well as all the other 5 immigrants that escaped from that mans hands. I Was 16 power and now I am 13 power


( Vouch from the officer if killed )

I Hope you could be kind to give back my stolen power


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