Exploiting AOS(teleporting)

Exploiting. This AOS was teleporting to me and killing me with dual lightsabers

Proof: https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/yUvFlESwqSY2N/d1337sGUMIKz?invite=cr-MSxSSGwsMTAzNzUyMzc2LA

Wow… I remember that moment and what we don’t see in the clip is me standing there for like 5-10 sec trying to kill you with my sabers but you where frozen… Broken and laggy game… The speeders are broken and bet this is one thing breaking the game atm. In fact, the moment you died close to the wall, I was never there, I was still trying to kill you like if you where stuck where you spawned your speeder…on my screen. Also, even with hacks, I think it would be impossible to reproduce this.