Explaining problem areas of free roam for immigrants

I’m Lordy, today I will explain some zones with which GAR has problems.

:loudspeaker: Bank

The bank is a completely free roam zone for immigrants. But there are nuances when a Patrol or a Server Start Up event is held in a bank. If immigrants are banned from the bank only by order of the host. You, as an immigrant, must leave the bank if there is such an order or you will be shot. You as a member of the GAR if none of the above are present, you can’t kill immigrants if you so desire it would be Random Kill.

But the bank has a place called the Control Room and a reception area. There is no obligation to be an immigrant. If the immigrant is there, he should be warned to leave the area or killed if disobeyed.

:loudspeaker: Entrance to FOB

The entrance to the FOB is a free roam zone for immigrants to move in unless the Patrol or SSU has set rules that they cannot be there. Again, killing them if they do not contradict the host’s note is not allowed.

:loudspeaker: Top Bridge

Immigrants are not allowed on the top bridge, so you are free to destroy if anyone is there. Top bridge is part of border.

:loudspeaker: Outside Border

The border starts with a black line. Everywhere beyond this line, immigrants can move freely. Until they cross this line, you as a GAR cannot command them to line up to cross the border. Remember that killing in this zone will count as a Random Kill. (Of course, if you see a man with a gun, you kill it)

That’s all I wanted to share with you. Maybe this will help someone. See you later bye! :heart:


Correct me in the comments. If I said something wrong!

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Nice tutorial!

It’s definitely well done, although you missed something, besides that they can’t be on the bridge, they can’t be on top of the cabins as far as I understand.


Yeah, I wanted to add about it but I think many people already know this

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Im not sure about this part. Raiders with jetpack will usually hangout there.

This is part of border.

Good job!! What I did read was correct wel done!

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If someone says that immigrants are actually allowed on the bridge or the “cabins” then I am going to start breaking some necks, but cool tutorial.

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The tutorial is very accurate, it definitely explains the no go zones clearly.

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