Everything we know of the new map!

So far we have seen snipits of the new map. Here I will show and tell all planned features for the new map and GAR as a whole.

  • A Venator

A venator is built for the new map, looks pretty sick and I wonder what it’s purpose would be?


  • New NPC’s to fill space

Self explanatory.


  • A new FOB map/game?

A completely new FOB map for inspections built for a HUGE capacity.


  • Map underworld/overworld

The new map will have an underworld (Dark and creepy) and an overworld we don’t know much about. Taking place in the Uscru disctrict.



(See more in development channel)

  • New FOB

Bigger, better, and cooler.

  • New border!

Everyones favorite place, the border is getting a makeover.

  • Grenades

Different grenade variants will be added!

  • New UI

Looking sleek and modern, hope it doesn’t lag.


  • New Battlegrounds revamp

Not main map related but the battlegrounds will be turned into Genosis as part of a revamp! Sick!

Image: N/A

  • Named ranks

Divisions may ne getting named ranks with named characters!

Ex: 327th Lucky, Flash, Cameron

  • New combat revamp

A new combat system may be implemented, explained below.


  • Off-duty mode for GAR

Yes, this will be available in the new revamp.

Image: N/A

  • Spawn Selection, Jobs, Economy

Spawn seletion willbe added by popular demand.
Jobs for immigrants and off-duty GAR will be a way to rarn money, (GAR earning more money running the border), and Economy I’m not too sure about?


  • New prison and systems

New prison breakouts and prison features are coming! Sounds exiting ngl.

Image: N/A

  • Raider updates and weapon balancing

Apparently new weapon balancing to come, and raider focused updates will arrive aswell.

Image: N/A

To top it off…

The new map is apparently already built and finished according to the GAR developer Mako.

Thanks for reading and catching up!

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