Escopetapez1 Documents Blacklist Appeal


Username: Escopetapez1
Discord: Escopetapez1#1219


I really don’t know or remember how I got blacklisted from all GAR docs, because I just got interested in GAR again but when I tried to check the documents I was blacklisted from all of them, before I left GAR like 2 or 1 year ago I was CG and I was able to check documents, during that time I joined TSU and took an screenshot of a document because I wanted to show another divisional what he couldn’t find and I didn’t knew that would get me blacklist, but the point is that if there is a connection within the TSU docs and GAR docs. The reason I think of this is because Vikinglaw was the owner of both groups at the time. I hope I can get off this blacklist since I really don’t know what happened and I really need to use them.


The global document blacklist was recently wiped. If you are still blacklisted, please create another appeal.