Elite heal gun (for healing companies)

Hello, since the heal gun is buyable and healing companies are now a bit useless, they (healing companies) should have an elite heal gun. It would be the heal gun but the reload time is alot faster and more healing to heal more people. We would be also be able to see divisionals and gar health (not raiders because it would be too op) with this gun to know if they need healing by seeing their hp .
I honestly think we should get an elite heal gun as we are divisionals (the point of having something exclusive to the divisions which is a bit ruined rn).

No lol, heal gun is OP the way it is, if there was an elite one, no one would die.

Damn true, the healing gun it fine the way it is. But, healing your allies from low hp to full already take up lkle 80% of the mags. And also, from exclusive to top 3 division to healing companies… now being buyable has shown how degraded the values go by though. I could imagine how raiders could start camping long time just to heal themselves if the heal gun is nver existed, as this happened in tge.

ok new suggestion , remove healing guns being buyable. raiders can heal each other which is making way harder to kill them and it was exclusive to divisionals now the value is down bad you can get it for really cheap. It should stay exclusive .

Nothing in the game should be truly exclusive. The healing gun is expensive, not many people buy it, and it only lasts 24 hours.

Not nearly. It can barely heal 2 people to full, and takes about 5 seconds to reload. If you’re in a fight, I refuse to believe you reload that.

How can you make it elite? It is already very good.