Either make it so GAR cant kill SF with out a warning or make it so SF can kill GAR without TK

I keep getting killed by troopers and I can’t do anything about it because if I kill them I get a TK warning but they don’t if they kill me

Yeah, troopers are really annoying, and we need some other people like SFs to put them in their place.

sf can be bought by a normal trooper and doesnt require any knowledge of the game, so make gar get tk warnings for killing special forces that are in gar and keep that special forces gets tk warnings. ive seen a ton of unexperienced idiots on sf and it would definetly not be a good idea to let them freely kill anyone, just leave that to the divisionals who most probably have at least some sense of the basic rules. sf could in my opinion could even get a reduction to their rights

SF is merely bought. That would allow people to buy SF, and go on killing sprees just for fun. If I’m not wrong, troopers DO get TK warnings. Only divisionals dont.